Creating Community

Creating Community Through Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is quite simply a group of people that agree to interact regularly to solve a persistent problem or improve practice in an area that is important to them.

The Partnership created issues based Communities of Practice that states and stakeholder organizations affiliate with based on their common interest in improving practice. The Partnership communities are focused on shared implementation of IDEA and the alignment of IDEA with other federal legislation.

Through the CoP approach, we strive to:

  • bring diverse organizations into a working relationship around their common interests
  • bring stakeholders into the work of state education agencies as allies
  • bring fresh approaches to persistent problems by uniting decisionmakers, practitioners and consumers around a common goal

Over 33 states see the value of the CoP strategy and chose to participate in Communities of Practice at some level. IDEA Partner organizations choose to participate in a CoP based on the value it can add to their organization.

Communities of Practice Convened and Facilitated by The IDEA Partnership

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