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4. Describe how a special education teacher who is not teaching a core academic subject can meet the requirements.

Any public elementary school or secondary school special education teacher teaching in a State, who is not teaching a core academic subject, is highly qualified if the teacher meets the requirements of 34 CFR 300.18(b)(1) [see “Establishes requirements for special education teachers in general” in this document] or the requirements of 34 CFR 300.18(b)(1)(iii) [the requirement that the teacher holds at least a bachelor’s degree] and (b)(2) [see “Describes how a special education teacher can meet the general requirements when participating in an alternative route to certification program” in this document].
[34 CFR 300.18(b)(3)] [20 U.S.C. 1401(10)(B)]

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Reaction Questions

  1. This provision clarifies that a special education teacher that is not teaching core academic content is highly qualified to provide special education services under their special education license.

    In your experience, what are the kinds of services that could be provided by a teacher that is highly qualified in special education?

Application Questions

    1. How might a teacher that is highly qualified in special education work with general education teachers that are highly qualified in core content?

  1. In many settings, models of working across special and general education have existed for many years. These have been described as ‘collaborative teaching’, ‘consultative teaching’ and ‘co-teaching’. In your view how does ‘co-teaching’ differ from ‘collaborative’ or ‘consultative’ teaching?

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