7. Provide for separate HOUSSE standards for special education teachers.

Provided that any adaptations of the State’s HOUSSE would not establish a lower standard for the content knowledge requirements for special education teachers and meets all the requirements for a HOUSSE for regular education teachers:
  • A State may develop a separate HOUSSE for special education teachers; and
  • The standards described in 34 CFR 300.18(e)(1) [see the prior bullet] may include single HOUSSE evaluations that cover multiple subjects.

[34 CFR 300.18(e)] [20 U.S.C. 1401(10)]

Dialogue Starter - Cross-stakeholder

This provision clarifies that special educators may need some special attention in gaining subject area certification. It allows states to develop a HOUSSE for veteran special education teachers, but is specific that the state cannot establish a lower standard for veteran special education teachers using the HOUSSE option. It also allows the veteran special education teacher that teaches multiple subjects to secure certification in multiple subjects under one HOUSSE process. Again, the standard cannot be lower than teachers acquiring individual certification in each of these subjects.

Reaction Questions

  1. Why are these provisions important for veteran teachers?

  2. What challenges will these provisions pose for teacher assignment?

  3. What does the emphasis on subject area competence mean for teacher preparation programs in special education?

Application Questions

  1. Does your state have a separate HOUSSE for special education? How can you find out?

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