National Community of Practice on School Behavioral Health

What are practice groups?
Practice groups are issue based affiliations of people around a topic within the community. The Community and Practice Groups work together to meet the needs of the community members. The Community keeps the issue groups focused on the bigger picture. The Practice Groups keep the community focused on the varied and developing dimensions of the issue. Together, the Community and the Practice Groups provide the variety of perspectives that keeps the community dynamic and motivating.

In the National Community on School-Based Behavioral Health, national organizations and technical assistance centers are taking the lead on facilitating Practice Groups. The co-facilitators of the national community are The IDEA Partnership funded by OSEP and sponsored by NASDSE and the Center for School Mental Health Analysis and Action funded by SAMHSA and HRSA and housed at the University of Maryland

Who can join?
Anyone can join the National CoP on School Behavioral Health and the associated practice groups. All members have an interest in school behavioral health and want to be a part of working towards solutions. They have selected a practice group for the topic or issue they care deeply about and have knowledge they wish to share. It is important that representatives from all stakeholder roles take part in the work. Diversity is very important in creating successful solutions to complex problems.

How to join?
Go to http:// This website is the work space for CoP on School Behavioral Health, affiliated states and associated practice groups. Reading the instructions before you begin will help you through the registration process. Click here to read the Instructions.

Practice groups
The following is a list of current practice groups:
  • Connecting School Mental Health & Positive Behavior Support
  • Developing a Common Language
  • Education: An Essential Component of Systems of Care
  • Faith-Community Partnerships
  • Family Partnerships
  • Improving School Mental Health for Youth with Disabilities
  • Mental Health-Education Training and Workforce
  • Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) Core Group
  • Practice Group Facilitators
  • Quality & Evidence-Based Practice
  • School Mental Health, Juvenile Justice and Dropout Prevention
  • Youth Involvement & Leadership
Each practice group maintains their own page on the sharedwork website. Check http:// frequently to see their progress, catch up on the latest news, and participate by sharing your thoughts and ideas.