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7. Provides for the measurement of the achievement of children with disabilities on alternate assessments against alternate achievement standards.
If the state has adopted alternate academic achievement standards permitted under the regulations promulgated to carry out Section 1111(b)(1) of ESEA, the guidelines developed and implemented under Section 612(a)(16)(c)(i) of IDEA shall provide for alternate assessments that … measure the achievement of children with disabilities against those standards. [612(a)(16)(C)(ii)(II) of IDEA]

Dialogue Starter - Cross-stakeholder

Reaction Questions

  1. Why is it necessary to have alternate achievement standards for some students?

  2. Why are alternate achievement standards important:
    • in human terms ?
    • in terms of programs and resources?

  3. What are the implications for alternate standards for:
    • the student ?
    • the school system?
    • you and others in your role?

  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternate achievement standards?

Application Questions

  1. What are alternate standards?

  2. What is the impact of alternate standards and assessments on graduation for children with disabilities?

  3. How do we determine the validity of alternative assessments?

  4. What systemic barriers exist within the educational process which make it difficult to develop alternate standards?

  5. How do we currently measure performance against alternate assessment standards in your state?

  6. How can we develop assessment tools to better measure performance against alternate achievement standards?

    These questions were developed by the following stakeholders working together:

    Role: Administrator
    Location: Illinois

    Role: Family Member / University Faculty
    Location: Florida

    Role: Family Member
    Location: Michigan

    Role: State Policymaker
    Location: Maryland

    Role: Family Member
    Location: Florida

    Role: Technical Assistance Provider
    Location: District of Columbia

    Role: Family Member
    Location: Delaware

    Role: Policymaker
    Location: Colorado

    Role: Policymaker
    Location: Virginia