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1. Defines the manner in which services are provided to children enrolled in private schools.
To the extent consistent with the number and location of children with disabilities in the state who are enrolled by their parents in private elementary schools and secondary schools in the school district served by a local education agency (LEA), provision is made for the participation of those children in the program assisted or carried out under the requirements of Part B by providing for such children special education and related services in accordance with Section 612(a)(10) unless the secretary has arranged for services to those children under Section 612(f). [612(a)(10)(A)(i)]

Dialogue Starter - Cross-stakeholder

Reaction Questions

  1. In your view, why does IDEA 2004 make the distinction between a LEA placement and a parent placement for students in private schools?

  2. How might schools and communities work on building trust and relationships among students, families and school personnel when students are placed in private schools?

  3. In your view, what might be the impact of these provisions?

  4. How might LEAs learn more about the issues for students with disabilities who are parentally placed in private schools?

  5. In your experience, what are the conditions or situations that impact decisions to place students in private schools?

Application Questions

  1. In order to meet the consultation provisions set forth in IDEA 2004 for students enrolled in their parents in private schools, how might LEAs encourage individuals to collaborate around shared issues (e.g., SPED and Title I)?

  2. How might this collaboration be structured?

  3. What benefits might students with disabilities, who are parentally placed in private school, receive under the new provisions of IDEA 2004?

  4. How might LEAs approach the fiscal issues for student enrollment (e.g., per pupil allotments and basic funding issues)?

  5. Who should be involved in ensuring that good working relationships are established to ensure that the identification and provision of services to students with disabilities is effectively implemented?

    These questions were developed by the following stakeholders working together:

    Role: LEA -Special Education Director and
    Federal Programs Directors
    Location: Georgia

    Role: Public Policy Specialist
    National Association Office
    Location: Virginia

    Role: Parent/Consultant
    Location: Virginia

    Role: Policymaker
    Location: Washington, DC

    Role: Administrator
    National Association Office
    Location: Virginia