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Achievement Gaps

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A Matter of Class: Educational Achievement Reflects Family Background More Than Ethnicity or Immigration
RAND Review (2004). 
S. Lara-Cinisomo, A. R. Pebley, M. E., Vaiana, E. Maggio, B. Berends, & S. R. Lucas. 
Full Text

Addressing Achievement Gaps:  Progress and Prospects for Minority and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students and English Language Learners

ETS Policy Notes. (2005).
A. McBride, L. H. Scatton, & R. J. Coley (Eds).
Full Text

Addressing Achievement Gaps: The Language Acquisition and Educational Achievement of English Language Learners
ETS Policy Notes (2008).
A. McBride, L. H. Scatton, & R. J. Coley (Eds).
Full Text

Addressing Achievement Gaps:  School Finance and the Achievement Gap -- Funding Programs That Work
ETS Policy Notes (2008).
D. Yaffe.
Full Text

Can Educators Close the Achievement Gap?  An Interview with Richard Rothstein and Kati Haycock
Journal of Staff Development (2007).  
H. Holland.
Full Text

Class Size Alone Not Enough to Close Academic Achievement Gap
ScienceDaily (2008).  
Summary of a study at Northwestern University.

Closing the Achievement Gap
Special Edge (2008).
Theme Issue -- Multiple Authors.
Full Text – Theme Issue

Closing the Achievement Gap
Journal of Staff Development (2006).  
Theme Issue.  Multiple Authors.
Full Text -- 8 papers

Closing the Achievement Gap
The Utah Special Educator (2006).  
Theme Issue.  Multiple Authors
Full Text -- Many articles

Closing the Racial Achievement Gap: The Role of Reforming Instructional Practices
Education Policy Analysis Archives (2004).  
H. Wenglinsky.
Full Text

Demography as Destiny?  Sustained Emphasis on Reading, Accountability, and School Choice Have Narrowed the Achievement Gap for Florida’s Minority Students
Education Next (2009).
M. Ladner & D. Lips
Full Text

Development of the Literacy Achievement Gap:  A Longitudinal Study of Kindergarten Through Third Grade
Language, Speech, & Hearing Services in Schools (2007).  
W. A. Foster & M. Miller.
Abstract (full text for purchase)

Examining Male Underachievement in Public Education
NASSP Bulletin (2008).
M. A. Clark, S. M. Lee, W. Goodman, & S. Yacco.
Abstract (full text for purchase)

Family (Dis) Advantage and the Educational Prospects of Better Off African American Youth:  How Race Still Matters
Teachers College Record (2007).
T. L. Gosa & K. L. Alexander.
Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)

From the Achievement Gap to the Education Debt:  Understanding Achievement in U.S. Schools
Educational Researcher (2006).  
G. Ladson-Billings.
Abstract (full text for purchase)

High Classroom Turnover:  How Children Get Left Behind
Poverty and Race (2002).  
C. Hartman & A. Leff.
Full Text

Improving Educational Outcomes for Disadvantaged Children
Focus (2007-08). Institute for Research on Poverty.
D. N. Figlio
Full Text – Under Vol 25:2, Fall-Winter 2007-08

Ka’akalai Ku Kanaka:  A Call for Strengths-Based Approaches from a Native Hawai’ian Perspective
Educational Researcher (2005).  
S. M. Kana’iaupuni.
Full Text -- Scroll down

New Research on High-Performing, High Poverty Schools
Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement Newsletter. (2005).
Full Text

Planning for English Language Learner Success:  Alternative Responses to Teaching–Learning to Reduce Achievement Gaps
IDRA Newsletter (2004).
J. Dieckmann.
Full Text

Recent Research on the Achievement Gap:  An Interview with Ronald Ferguson
Harvard Education Letter (2006).  
Full Text

Renewing and Reinventing Freire: A Source of Inspiration in Inner-City Youth Education
In Motion Magazine (2007).
P. Noguera.
Full Text

School Achievement of Pupils From the Lower Strata in Public, Private, Government-Dependent, and Private Government-Independent Schools: A Cross-National Test of the Coleman-Hoffer Thesis
Education Working Papers Archive (2006).
R. Corten & J. Dronkers.
Full Text

School Adjustment and the Academic Success of Rural African American Early Adolescents in the Deep South
Journal of Research in Rural Education (2006).
T. W. Farmer, M. J. Irvin, J. H. Thompson,
B. C. Hutchins, & M-C. Leung.
Full Text – Click on Volume 21 (2006) and see No. 3

School Quality and the Black-White Achievement Gap
Education Working Papers Archive (2007).  
E. A. Hanushek & S. G. Rivkin.
Full Text

School Readiness: Closing Racial and Ethnic Gaps
Future of Children (2005).  
Theme Issue. Various authors.
Full Text -- 9 papers

Spanish-for-Native-Speaker Matters:  Narrowing the Latino Achievement Gap Through Spanish Language Instruction
Heritage Language Journal (2007).  
M. Carreira.
Full Text – Click on Volume Five at the right; 2nd title from the end

Supporting African American Boys in School

WCER Research Highlights (2009).
J. Lewis
Full Text -- See pages 6 and 7 in the Flash Paper

Teacher Qualification and the Achievement Gap in Early Primary Grades
Education Policy Analysis Archives (2009).
D. Easton-Brooks & A. Davis
Full Text

The Black-White Achievement Gap:  Do State Policies Matter?
Education Policy Analysis Archives (2006).  
H. I. Braun, A. Wang, F. Jenkins, & E. Weinbaum.
Full Text

The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3
American Educator (2003).  
B. Hart & T. R. Risley.  
Full Text

The Effect of Black Peers on Black Test Scores
Education Working Papers Archive (2007).
D. J. Armor & S. Duck.
Full Text

Vision, Visual-Information Processing, and Academic Performance Among Seventh-Grade Schoolchildren: A More Significant Relationship Than We Thought?
American Journal of Occupational Therapy (2005).
S. Goldstand, K.C.Koslowe, & S. Parush.
Abstract (full text for purchase)

Also see a four-part section on Achievement Gaps:
(a) Issues and Data; (b) Programs and Curricula, with Links to Evidence; (c) Initiatives and Opportunities for Students; and (d) Studies, Reports, Articles, Guides, and Films
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IDEA Partnership.  (2010).  Many voices: Achievement gap bibliography.  Alexandria, VA:  National Association of State Directors of Special Education.