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High Stakes Testing and Accountability

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A Comparative Evaluation of Score Results From Computerized and Paper and Pencil Mathematics Testing in a Large-Scale State Assessment Program

Journal of Technology, Learning, & Assessment (2005).

J. Poggio, D. R. Glasnapp, X. Yang, & A. J. Poggio.

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Accommodations and Alternate Assessment Use in Schools and Programs That Serve Students Who Are Deaf-Blind

Deaf-Blind Perspectives (2006).

S. W. Cawthon.

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Accountability and the Pressure to Exclude: A Cautionary Tale from England

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2005).

E. Rustique-Forrester.

Full Text



Addressing No Child Left Behind Through Released Middle Grades Test Items

Meridian (2006).

R. D. Kuschke & L. A. Annetta.

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Alternative Strategies for Large-Scale Student Assessment in Canada: Is Value-Added Assessment One Possible Answer?

Canadian Journal of Educa Administration & Policy (2005).

R. M. Crundwell.

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Assessment, High Stakes, and Alternative Visions: Appropriate Use of the Right Tools to Leverage Improvement

Education Policy Research Archives (2006).

D. A. Laitsch

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Comparability of Computer and Paper-and-Pencil Versions of Algebra and Biology Assessments (end-of-course tests)

Journal of Technology, Learning, & Assessment (2007).

H. Kim & H. Huynh.

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Conjuring Cut Scores: How It Distorts Our Picture of Student Achievement

American Educator (2007-2008).

C. E. Finn Jr & M. J. Petrilli.

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Consequences of High-Stakes Assessment for Students With and Without Disabilities

Educational Policy (2007).

S. L. Christenson, D. M. Decker, H. L. Triezenberg,

J. E. Ysseldyke, & A. Reschly.

Abstract (full text for purchase)



Content and Grade Trends in State Assessments

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (2007).

W. D. Schafer, M. Liu, & H-F. Wang.

Full Text – See No. 9



Cultural Bias in Standardized Tests: What Do Students Really Know?

Pacific Educator (2002).

J. Laturnau.

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Does High-Stakes Testing Increase Cultural Capital Among Low-Income and Racial Minority Students?

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2008).

W-P Hong & P. Youngs.

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Does It Matter If I Take My Writing Test on Computer? An Empirical Study of Mode Effects in NAEP

Journal of Technology, Learning, & Assessment (2006).

N. Horkay, R. E. Bennett, N. Allen,

B. Kaplan, & F. Yan.

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Full text of the 2008 followup – Second empirical study



Education Law is Tougher on Diverse Schools

Perspectives on Urban Education (2005).

P. Socolar.

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Examining the Streams of a Retention Policy to Understand the Politics of High-Stakes Reform

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2007).

C. P. Brown.

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F for Assessment: Standardized Testing Fails

Edutopia Magazine (2005).

W. J. Popham.

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Growth Models in Action: Selected Case Studies

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (2005).

J. Goldenstein & P. Behuniak.

Full Text –See No. 11


Growth Scales As an Alternative to Vertical Scales

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (2006).

W. D. Schafer.

Full Text –See No. 4

High-Stakes Testing and Student Achievement: Does Accountability Pressure Increase Student Learning?

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2006).

S. L. Nichols, G. V. Glass, & D. C. Berliner.

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Ideas to Consider: How to Make AYP Work Better for Students and Their Schools

American Educator (2005).

Statements by R. L. Linn, D. McCaffrey,

H. Nelson, M. Barber, & C. Finn.

Full Text


Issues and Options in Creating a National Assessment in World History

The History Teacher (2005).

R. B. Bain & T. L. Schreiner.

Full Text



Kids on the Move: The Effects of Student Mobility on NCLB School Accountability Ratings

Perspectives on Urban Education (2005).

V. L. Rhodes.

Full Text



Knowing What All Students Know: Procedures for Developing Universal Design for Assessment

Journal of Technology, Learning, & Assessment (2005).

L. R. Ketterlin-Geller.

Full Text



No More Aggregate NAEP Studies?

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2006).

S. Dorn.

Full Text -- Editorial (review of recent studies)



Reconsidering the Minimum Competency Test Strategy in No Child Left Behind: An Agenda for Reform

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (2006).

D. B. Kuper.

Full Text – See No. 1


Relationships Between High-Stakes Testing Policies and Student Achievement After Controlling for Demographic Factors in Aggregated Data

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2006).

G. J. Marchant, S. E. Paulson, & A. Schunk.

Full Text



Research on AT (Assistive Technology) Outcomes and Large-Scale Assessments

Assistive Technology: Outcomes & Benefits (2007).

M. Thurlow, G. Tindal, R. Powers, P. Lewis,

C. C. Laitusis, & J. Breslin-Larson

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Rethinking the Standards and Accountability of No Child Left Behind

In Motion Magazine (2007).

P. Noguera.

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Subgroup Performance and School Reform: The Importance of a Comprehensive Approach

Ctr for Comprehensive School Reform & Improvement Newsletter (2006).

Full Text

The Impact of Data on Education

Carnegie Reporter (2008).

L. Hood.

Full Text



The Impact of Language and High-Stakes Testing Policies on Elementary School English Language Learners in Arizona

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2006).

W. E. Wright & D. Choi.

Full Text



The Inevitable Corruption of Indicators and Educators Through High-Stakes Testing

Education Policy Research Archives (2005).

S. L. Nichols & D. C. Berliner.

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The Next Step: Assessment and the English Language Learner

Northwest Education (2006).

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The Relationship of High School Graduation Exams to Graduation Rates and SAT Scores

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2005).

G. J. Marchant & S. E. Paulson.

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There’s a Hole in State Standards – And New Teachers Like Me Are Falling Through

American Educator (2008).

By a Second-Year Teacher.

Full Text


Ultimate Test: Who Is Accountable for Education If Everybody Fails?

RAND Review (2005).

J. S. McCombs & S. J. Carroll.

Full Text



Unlabeling the Disabled: A Perspective on Flagging Scores From Accommodated Test Administrations

Educational Researcher (2005).

S. G. Sireci.

Full Text



Using NAEP to Confirm State Test Results in the No Child Left Behind Act

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (2007).

B. D. Stoneberg.

Full Text – See No. 5



Using Scientific Knowledge to Inform Preschool Assessment: Making the Case for “Empirical Validity”

Social Policy Report (2005).

K. Hirsh-Pasek, A. Kochanoff, N. S. Newcombe,

& J. de Villiers.

Full text – Scroll to 2005, #1



CITATION: IDEA Partnership. (2010). Many voices: High-stakes testing and accountability bibliography. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Directors of Special Education.