Citations from Web-Based Journals and Other Periodicals

Mentoring, After-School and Out-of-School Programs,

Service Learning, and Positive Youth Development

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A New Learning Day (after-school programs)

Edutopia Magazine (2007).

B. Frerking.

Full Text



Accentuating the Positive: Colorado 4-H Impact Study

Journal of Extension (2007).

J. Goodwin, J. B. Carroll, & M. Oliver.

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Adventure Programming in an After-School Environment

Journal of Extension (2008).

C. Ripberger.

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After-School Programs and Academics: Implications for Policy, Practice, and Research

Social Policy Report (2008).

R. C. Granger

Full Text -- See 2008, #2



Attitudes of Extension Professionals Toward Involvement of Special Needs Youth in 4-H Programs

Journal of Extension (2006).

D. A. Boone, N. Harry Jr,

C. Reed, J. M. Woloshuk, & S. A. Gartin.

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Beyond the Classroom: Complementary Learning to Improve Achievement Outcomes

The Evaluation Exchange (2005).

H. B. Weiss, J. Coffman, M. Post, S. Bouffard,

& P. Little.

Full Text



Building and Evaluating Out-of-School Time Connections

The Evaluation Exchange (2006).

S. Bouffard, P. Little, & H. Weiss.

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Children with Usher Syndrome: Learning to Cope Through Work with Mentors

Deaf-Blind Perspectives (2006).

E. Kabakov & D. Toubi.

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Community for Youth: Mentoring Youth, Building Futures, Changing Lives

New Horizons for Learning (2005).

S. Cameron.

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Community Service By and For Youth: Supporting Out-of-School-Time (OST) Programs in Seattle

The Evaluation Exchange (2006).

E. Rasmussen.

Full Text



Discovery Youth: A Museum-Based Program Connecting Youth With Community

The Evaluation Exchange (2006).

J. Intrator.

Full Text



Engaging Families in Out-of-School Time Programs

The Evaluation Exchange (2005).

Z. Kakli & H. Kreider.

Full Text



Exploring the Summer Activity Gap

American Educator (2005).

T. Chin & M. Phillips.

Full Text



It’s Never Too Late: Promoting College Prep in Middle School After-School Programs

The Evaluation Exchange (2006).

L. Friedman.

Full Text



Las actividades extraescolares relacionadas con la ciencia y la tecnología

(Out of School Activities Related to Science and Technology)

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa (2007).

A. V. Alonso & M. A. M. Mas.

Abstract in English – Full Text in Spanish



Learning Mentors and Informal Education (mentors for inner city schools in the United Kingdom)

Infed: Informal Education (2005).

M. K. Smith

Full Text



Learning to Serve

Northwest Education (2008).

B. Reed.

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The Progress of Education Reform (2006).

Education Commission of the States.

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Mentoring: A Promising Approach for Involving At-Risk Youth in 4-H

Journal of Extension (2006).

K. Riggs, T. Lee, J. P. Marshall, E. Serfustini,

& J. Bunnell.

Full Text



Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs: What Leads to Success? International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring (2006).

J. Cull.

Full Text



Peer Partnerships: A Best Practice For Preparing And Empowering Youth

International Journal of Whole Schooling (2005).

A. W. Hood & M. E. McNeil.

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Play Across Boston: A Community Initiative to Reduce Disparities in Access to After-School Physical Activity Programs for Inner-City Youths

Preventing Chronic Disease (2006).

C. Hannon, A. Cradock, S. L. Gortmaker,

J. Wiecha, A. El Ayadi, L, Keefe, & A. Harris.

Full Text in English – Abstract in Spanish, French, and Chinese



Positive Youth Development: What’s Camp Counseling Got To Do With It? -- Findings from a Study of Ohio 4-H Camp Counselors

Journal of Extension (2007).

T. M. Ferrari & N. N. McNeely.

Full Text



Power to the People: Service Learning and Social Justice

Electronic Journal of Multicultural Education (2006).

R.S. Oden & T. A. Casey.

Full Text



Promising Strategies for Connecting Out-of-School Time Programs to Schools: Learning What Works

The Evaluation Exchange (2006).

P. Little.

Full Text



Service Learning: Bringing Together Students, Parents, and Community to Create a Better World

New Horizons for Learning (2006).

R. Schoenfeld.

Full Text



Service Learning in Special Education

New Horizons for Learning (2005).

L. A. Lynass.

Full Text



The Mentoring of Disadvantaged Youth

CYC-Online (2008).

Summary of a study by

E. Flaxman, C. Ascher, & C. Harrington.




Time for Achievement: Afterschool and Out-of-School Time

SEDL Letter (2006).

Theme Issue.

Full Text – 8 papers: Scroll down (optional sign-in)



Understanding and Facilitating the Youth Mentoring Movement Social Policy Report (2006).

J. E. Rhodes & D. L. Dubois.

Full Text – Scroll to 2006, #3



Who Is the After-School Workforce?

The Evaluation Exchange (2005/2006).

B. Miller.

Full Text



Youth-Led Community-Building: Promising Practices From Two Communities Using Community-Based Service Learning

Journal of Extension (2005).

L. Camino.

Full Text



CITATION: IDEA Partnership. (2010). Many voices: Mentoring and after-school programs bibliography. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Directors of Special Education