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Some articles on technology also appear in sections on specific subjects/skills instruction.

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Accessibility Requirements for Systems Design to Accommodate Users with Vision Impairments

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

P. Brunet, B. A. Feigenbaum, K. Harris, C. Laws,

R. Schwerdtfeger, & L. Weiss.

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Accessibility, Transcription, and Access Everywhere (access for students who are deaf and hard of hearing)

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

K. Bain, S. Basson, A. Faisman, & D. Kanevsky.

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Ask Whatever You Like: Teacher-Pupil Interaction in New Virtual Learning Environments

elearning europa (2006).

C. M. Garcia.

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An Action Research Study of Computer-Assisted Instruction Within the First-Grade Classroom

Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefits (2006).

T. Jeffs.

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Cell Phones for Education

Meridian (2008).

J. H. Roberson & R. A. Hagevik.

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Competencias mediacionales para la educación en línea

(Mediational Competencies for On-Line Education)

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa (2005).

M. E. C. Núñez

Abstract in English – Full Text in Spanish



Computer Means/Changes My Life”: ESL Students and Computer-Mediated Technology

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (2006).

H. Bao.

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Does Technology Hurt Student Writing?

American Teacher (2005).

N. Goldstein & C. R. Gardner (pro and con).

Full Text



Does Wikipedia Hurt Scholarship?

American Teacher (2006).

T. Locke & D. Andersen (pro and con).

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Elemental Analysis of the Online Learning Experience

International Journal of Education & Development using ICT (2005).

K. Carmody & Z. Berge.

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Emerging Technologies: Tools and Trends in Self-Paced Language Instruction

Language Learning and Technology (2007).

R. Goodwin-Jones.

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Evidence-Based Practice and the Consideration of Assistive Technology Effectiveness and Outcomes

Assistive Technology: Outcomes and Benefits (2007).

G. R. Peterson-Karlan & H. P. Parette..

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General Education Teachers’ Attitude Regarding the Use in Their Classes of Assistive Technology by Students with Learning Disabilities

Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education (2005).

K. D. Garcia & R. L. Seevers.

Full Text



Hot Technologies for Education: What’s Happening Now and Later?

Middle Ground (2006).

By the Consortium for School Networking.

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Implementation of Assistive Computer Technology: A Model for School Systems

International Journal of Special Education (2007).

K. Morrison.

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Improving Web Accessibility Through an Enhanced Open-Source Browser

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

V. L. Hanson, J. B. Brezin, S. Crayne, S. Keates,

R. Kjeldsen, J. T. Richards, C. Swart, & S. Trewin.

Full Text



Individualizing Learning Using Intelligent Technology and Universally Designed Curriculum

Journal of Technology, Learning, & Assessment (2006).

M. Abell.

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Integration of Cultural Diversity and Technology: Learning by Design

Meridian (2007).

J. Lambert & T. Sanchez.

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Internet Research 101 (teaching middle school students to use the World Wide Web as an information source)

Harvard Education Letter (2007).

C. Gillard.

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Introducing Laptops to Children: An Examination of Ubiquitous Computing in Grade 3 Reading, Language, and Mathematics

Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology (2007).

R. B. Bernard, E. C. Bethel, P. C. Abrami,

& C. A. Wade

Full Text



Managing Usability for People with Disabilities in a Large Web Presence

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

M. King, J. W. Thatcher, P. M. Bronstad, & R. Easton.

Full Text



Outcomes and Benefits in Assistive Technology Service Delivery

Assistive Technology: Outcomes & Benefits (2006).

P. Parette & D. Dikter.

Full Text



Personalization, Interaction, and Navigation in Rich Multimedia Documents for Print-Disabled Users

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

H. L. Petrie, G. Weber, & W. Fisher.

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Personalizing Technology to Interrupt the Resistance of Preservice Teachers to Multicultural Education (description of a project in rural areas)

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (2006).

J. Phillion, E. Malewski, & J. Richardson.

Full Text



Podcasts: Another Source for Listening Input

The Internet TESL Journal (2007).

P. Constantine.

Full Text



Releasing the Pedagogical Power of Information and Communication Technology for Learners: A Case Study

International Journal of Education & Development using ICT(2006).

C. M. Knight, B. A. Knight, & D. Teghe.

Full Text



School-Based Technology Coordinators and Other Human Factors in the Implementation of ICT in Primary Schools: A Comparative Study (ICT = Information and Communication Technology)

International Journal of Education & Development using ICT (2008).

K-P Wong.

Full Text



Technology in Education

The Progress of Education Reform (2006).

Theme Issue.

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The Classroom of Popular Culture: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Making Students Want to Learn

Harvard Education Letter (2005).

J. P. Gee.

Full Text



The Digital Divide in Students’ Usage of Technology Tools: A Multilevel Analysis of the Role of Teacher Practices and Classroom Characteristics

Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (2005).

S. H. Kim & J. Bagaka.

Full Text



The Pedagogical Design of Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning

elearning europa (2007).

M. Lakkala.

Full Text



The Teacher as Software Developer

Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (2005).

D. Whittier.

Full Text



Universal Access to Ambient Intelligence Environments: Opportunities and Challenges for People with Disabilities

IBM Systems Journal (2005).

P. L. Emiliani & C. Stephanidis.

Full Text



Universal Design for Learning: Critical Need Areas for People with Learning Disabilities

Assistive Technology: Outcomes & Benefits (2007).

W. Strobel, S. Arthanat, S. Bauer, & J. Flagg.

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Using Alternative Lenses to Examine Effective Teachers’ Use of Technology With Low-Performing Students

Teachers College Record (2008).

J. A. Edmunds.

Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)



CITATION: IDEA Partnership. (2010). Many voices: Technology bibliography. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Directors of Special Education.