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Equity Issues and Disparities

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A Crisis in Inner City Education: Text of Speech Sponsored by John F. Kennedy University

In Motion Magazine (2006).

F. Marerro.

Full Text



Addressing the Disproportionate Representation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Special Education Through Culturally Responsive Education Systems.

Education Policy Analysis Archives (2005).

J. K. Klingner, A. J. Artiles, E. Kozleski, B. Harry,

S. Zion, W. Tate, G. Z. Duran, & D. Riley.

Full Text




Choice, Equity, and the Schools-Within-Schools Reform

Teachers College Record (2008).

D. D. Ready & V. E. Lee.

Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)



Cumulative Social Disadvantage and Child Health

Pediatrics (2006).

L. J. Bauman, E. J. Silver, & R.E. K. Stein.

Full Text



Desegregation Now. Segregation Tomorrow?

Ed.magazine, Harvard Graduate School (2006).

H. Bordas.

Full Text



Disparities in Pediatric Preventive Care in the United States, 1993-2002

Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (2007).

S. J. Hambidge, C. B. Emsermann, S. Federico,

& J. F. Steiner.

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Disproportionate Representation (in special education)

The Special EDge (2006).

California Department of Education.

Theme Issue. Various Authors.

Full Text – 9 papers and other information



Does Segregation Still Matter? The Impact of Student Composition on Academic Achievement in High School

Teachers College Record (2008).

R. W. Rumberger & G. J. Palardy.

Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)



Double Jeopardy: The High Cost of Being Poor

AdvoCasey (2005).

Annie E. Casey Foundation. Theme Issue.

Full Text – 5 papers (Scroll to Winter 2005)



Economic Inequality and Educational Attainment Across a Generation

Focus (2005).

M. Campbell, R. Haveman, G. Sandefur, & B. Wolfe.

Full Text – Scroll to Vol 23:3, Spring 2005



Equity in European Educational Systems: A Set of Indicators

*** Part I: Devising Indicators of Equity in Educational Systems.

*** Part II: A Set of 29 Indicators on the Equity of Educational Systems.

*** Part III: Equity in European Educational Systems: An Interpretation of the 29 Indicators.

European Educational Research Journal (2005).

By the European Group for Research in Educational Systems.

Full Texts of three parts – Under Research Report



Fifty Years After Brown: Latinos Paved Way for Historic School Desegregation Case

In Motion Magazine (2004).

C. Munoz, Jr.

Full Text



It’s Not Enough to Get Through the Open Door: Inequalities by Social Background in Transfer from Community Colleges to Four-Year Colleges

Teachers College Record (2006).

K. J. Dougherty & G. S. Kienzl.

Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)



Latino Youth: Immigration, Education, and the Future

In Motion Magazine (2006).

P. A. Noguera.

Full Text



Life Options for Young African American Males

Poverty and Race (2005).

M. R. Wenger.

Full Text



Measuring Academic Proficiency Under No Child Left Behind: Implications for Educational Equity

Educational Researcher (2005).

J. S. Kim & G. L. Sunderman.

Full Text



NCLB’s Transfer Policy and Court-Ordered Desegregation: The Conflict Between Two Federal Mandates in Richmond County,Georgia, and Pinellas County, Florida

Education Policy (2007).

E. H. DeBray-Pelot.

Abstract (full text for purchase)



Precarious Space: Majority Black Suburbs and Their Public Schools

Teachers College Record (2008).

C. Ascher & E. Branch-Smith.

Abstract (full text by membership or purchase)



Race and Poverty: Divergent Fortunes of America’s Children

Focus (2006).

D. T. Lichter, Z. Qian, & M. L. Crowley.

Full Text – Under Vol 24:3, Fall-Winter 2006



Race Conscious Educational Policies Versus a Color-Blind Constitution: A Historical Perspective.

Educational Researcher (2007).

J. D. Anderson.

Abstract (full text for purchase)



Racial and Ethnic Differences in Utilization of Mental Health Services Among High-Risk Youths

American Journal of Psychiatry (2005).

A. F. Garland, A. S. Lau, M. Yeh, K. M. McCabe,

R. L. Hough, & J. A. Landsverk.

Full Text



Racial Disparities in Childhood Asthma in the United States: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey, 1997 to 2003

Pediatrics (2006).

M. McDaniel, C. Paxson, & J. Waldfogel.

Full Text


Racial Disparities in Housing and Health

Poverty and Race (2004).

D. Adevdeo-Garcia & T. L. Osypuk.

Full Text




Representation of Minority Students in Special Education: Complicating Traditional Explanations

Educational Researcher (2006).

Theme Issue. Various Authors.

Five abstracts (full texts for purchase)



Rigor and (Civil) Rights: Helping Mississippi Students See Beyond the Delta (the Freedom Project)

Edutopia Magazine (2008).

L. Morehouse.

Full Text



Retooling Community-Building for Racial Equality

Poverty and Race (2006).

K. Lawrence.

Full Text



Review of Richard Kluger’s “Simple Justice”

In Motion Magazine (2005).

Y. Smaila.

Full Text

To purchase the book: Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America’s Struggle for Equality by Richard Kluger



Tackling the Last Bastion of Over-Representation of African American Students in Charles County Schools: Achieving Parity Among Students Served Under Eligibility Code 01, Mental Retardation

In Motion Magazine (2005).

F. Conahan & P. Vaira.

Full Text



Teaching Brown in Tuscaloosa

Rethinking Schools Online (2005-2006).

A. Schmitke.

Full Text




The Seattle/Louisville Decision and the Future of Race-Conscious Programs.

Poverty and Race (2007).

P. Tegeler.

Full Text



What Have We Learned About Poverty and Inequity? Evidence from Cross-National Analysis

Focus (2007).

G. Burrtless.

Full Text – Under Vol 25:1, Spring-Summer 2007



Why Are Latinos the Most Uninsured Racial/Ethnic Group of U.S. Children? A Community-Based Study of Risk Factors For and Consequences of Being an Uninsured Latino Child

Pediatrics (2006).

G. Flores, M. Abreu, & S. C. Tomany-Korman.

Full Text



Youth Organizing Tackles the “Racism You Can’t Name” (about exit exams)

Poverty and Race (2006).

J. Quiroz-Martinez.

Full Text



CITATION: IDEA Partnership. (2010). Many voices: Equity issues and disparities bibliography. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Directors of Special Education.