Part B (ages 6 through 21)

Across the nation, policymakers are embracing a reform initiative known as P–16. In some states, the work extends even further and is described as P-20. The Obama administration has portrayed these interconnection by describing a ‘cradle to college and career’ system.   

In a P–16 system, all levels of education—beginning with preschool (the “P” in P–16), continuing through K-12 and culminating in a baccalaureate degree and/or entry into the workforce—are aligned into a flexible continuum designed to improve student achievement. The P–16 system responds to student needs at every point along the continuum to ensure student access and progress in each consecutive level.
This work cannot succeed without the support and input of stakeholders.

The series of briefs presented here are the start of our exploration of P-16 with various groups of stakeholders.  These first three briefs describe the connection of P-16 to the reform/renewal initiative, Breaking Ranks,  undertaken by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

Watch this link as we explore P-16 with the full range of stakeholders.

In the Pipeline: P-16 and Breaking Ranks

In the Pipeline: Response to Intervention

In the Pipeline: Intentionality at Transition Points