Part B (ages 6 through 21)

Federal Sources Federal Sources

U.S. Department of Education
President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE) – Final

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
General IDEA Guidance from OSEP
      This site is a "one-stop shop" for resources related to IDEA and its implementing regulations, released on August 3, 2006.
      Building and Strengthening Partnerships for Family Involvement in Education
      Parental Partnerships Facilitated by the Office for Civil Rights
      Helping Your Child Series

      National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)
      NCLB and IDEA: What Parents of Students with Disabilities Need to Know and Do
      A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievemen

      Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers (the ALLIANCE)
      A New Wave of Evidence:  The Impact of School, Family and Community Connections on Student Achievement
      Educating Our Children Together
      Engaging Families to Improve Achievement: Advice from the Research
      The Impact of Parent/Family Involvement on Student Outcomes
      Taking a Closer Look: A Guide to Online Resources on Family Involvement
      When It’s Your Own Child: A Report on Special Education from the Families Who Use It

      National Center for Education Statistics
      Child Care and Early Education Arrangements of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers: 2001
      Parents' Reports of School Practices to Provide Information to Families: 1996 and 2003

      National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
      Families and Communities Resource Section
      Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE)

      National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center
      Teaching Parents and Families About Transition (Specific Practice)

      Consortium For Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) – Home Page
      The Impact of Parent/Family Involvement on Student Outcomes: An Annotated Bibliography of Research from the Past Decade

      Project FORUM at NASDSE
      Parent Participation in State Monitoring
      Child and Family Outcome Measures for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers with Disabilities
      Communities of Practice: Activities Sponsored by the Office of Special Education Programs
      Family Involvement and Family Perceptions/Satisfaction: SEA Data Collection
      Parent Centers and State Education Agencies: Collaborative Models

      Center for Mental Health in Schools
      School-Based Mutual Support Groups
      Parent and Home Involvement in Schools

      National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems (NCCRESt)
      Addressing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: Overrepresentation in Special Education: Guidelines for Parents.

      National Center on Education, Disability, and Juvenile Justice (EDJJ)
      Reaching out to parents of youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system

      Government Accountability Office (GAO)
      Military Personnel: Medical, Family Support, and Educational Services Are Available for Exceptional Family Members.

      IDEA Partnership Organizations IDEA Partnership Organizations

      Education Commission of the States
      Recent State Legislation: Parent/Family—Parent Rights
      Recent State Legislation: Parent/Family

      National Association of School Psychologists

      Family-School Partnerships: Information and Approaches for Educators
      Immigrant Parents and the School

      National Education Association
      Conference Planning Sheet for Parents