Part B (ages 6 through 21)

Federal Sources Federal Sources

Additional Legislation
Assistive Technology Act of 2004

U.S. Department of Education
Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as Amended--Assistive Technology ...
Enhancing Education through Technology (Ed-Tech) State Program
Office of Educational Technology (OET)
Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology
On November 9, 2010, Secretary Duncan announced the new National Education Technology Plan as part of his keynote address at the 2010 State Educational Technology Directors Association Education Forum. This national plan was developed with comments, ideas, research and perspectives from the entire education community.

Assistive Technology Program -
Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
State Grant for Assistive Technology
Frequently Asked Questions - Assistive Technology State Grant ...
Assistive Technology Program: Testing For Web Accessibility
Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
General IDEA Guidance from OSEP
OSEP’s Legislation and Policy Guidance
OSEP Policy Correspondence

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) IDEA 2004 Website:
Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004
This site is a "one-stop shop" for resources related to IDEA and its implementing regulations, released on August 3, 2006.

Data Accountability Center (DAC)

Data Tables for OSEP State Reported Data
This information is provided for those interested in the numbers of students with disabilities and trends.  The information is collected by state according to the requirements of Section 618 of IDEA 2004.  No interpretation is provided.  The viewer should read the latest OSEP annual report to congress for the interpretation of the data:
Population & Enrollment Data

National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials (at CAST)
The AIM Center serves as a resource to state- and district-level educators, parents, publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers, and others interested in learning more about and implementing AIM and NIMAS.
Learn - web section
Experience - web section
Collaborate - web section

National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) at CAST
State Director of Special Education Suggested Responsibilities Regarding NIMAS & NIMAC
Accessible Instructional Materials: An Annotated List of Research Articles
NIMAS Policy Brief, April 2008

Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD)
Assistive Technology (AT) Resources
Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology 101
Assistive Technology and the IEP
Assistive Technology Laws
This section provides brief summaries of laws that impact the provision of assistive technology and special education services.

Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd)
Site Map - find quick links to the specific information you need
Multimedia Embedded Supports in Grades K-8
The TechMatrix is a powerful tool to help educators and families find the best learning and assistive technology tools for students with special needs. The TechMatrix is a one stop shop for technology tools for learning.

National Post-School Outcomes Center

Effects of Technology-based interventions

National Center for Education Statistics
Forum Unified Education Technology Suite

The ALLIANCE National Parent Technical Assistance Center
Resources: Technology

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
Resources: Technology

Family Center on Technology and Disability
Assistive Technology Works!

Access to the General Education Curriculum
Blindness and Visual Impairment: State Infrastructures and Programs
Universal Design for Learning: Implementation in Six Local Education Agencies

The IRIS Center for Faculty Enhancement at Vanderbilt University
Assistive Technologies

Module: Assistive Technology: An Overview
There are many briefs to choose from. Click on Resources; then click on
Assistive Technology.

The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness

Bringing It Into Focus For All - Assistive Technology for Children and Youth who are Deaf-Blind
Computer Activities to Support Communication and Language Development in Children Who Are Deafblind

The Access Center- Improving Outcomes for All Students k-8
Computer-Assisted Instruction and Reading-What Is Computer-Assisted Instruction?
The Promise of Accessible Textbooks: Increased Achievement for All Students

IDEA Partnership Organizations IDEA Partnership Organizations

American Occupational Therapy Association

Health Information Technology Provision in the ARRA
Assistive Technology in Schools: How Do We Make It Work?
Technology SIS

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

Appropriate School Facilities for Students with Speech-Language-Hearing Disorders
Technology and Early Childhood Deafness

Autism Society of America
2008 State Autism Profiles

Council of Chief State School Officers
Sections 2401-2404 of NCLB legislation - the "Enhancing Education Through Technology Act of 2001"

Council for Exceptional Children
Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities: Update
Universal Design: Universal Design in Action
Tech for Students
Universal Design for Learning: State and Regional Perspectives

Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
The Economic Impact of Meeting the Assistive Technology Needs of
Individuals with Disabilities

Easter Seals
Easter Seals Crossroads : Crossroads Assistive Technology Center

Education Commission of the States
The Progress of Education Reform: Technology in Education

Recent State Policies/Activities: Technology – Instruction

Learning Disabilities Association of America
Accommodations, Techniques and Aids for Learning
Assistive Technology (AT) For Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Special Education - Learning Disabilities Association of America

National Association of Elementary School Principals
The Tech-Savvy Principal Jan/Feb 2007

National Association of School Psychologists
The Use of Technology by Practitioners in School Psychology
Technology Strategies to Enhance Data-Based Decision Making

National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE)
State Support of Education-Related Assistive Technology
Universal Design for Learning: Implementation in Six Local Education Agencies

National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)
Education Technology - Overview
How 50 States Fund Ed Tech
50 State Spending for Online Distance Learning

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)
Beyond Books: Bringing literacy instruction into the 21st Century
Guiding Teens with Learning Disabilities - An Interview with Dr. Arlyn Roffman
Universal Design-Introduction and Background

United Cerebral Palsy Association
Assistive Technology Checklist

The Arc of the United States
Technology for People with Disabilities

OTHER Resources

State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)

Class of 2020:  Action Plan for Education