Part B (ages 6 through 21)

Federal Sources Federal Sources

U.S. Department of Education
Federal Role in Education
Organization of US Education: The Local Role
Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA)

National Center for Education Statistics
Resources (NCES)
What is Meant by "Rural Schools"
Enrollment and Participation Rates
Student Assessment
School Environment
•    School Discipline and School Crime
•    School Facilities, Access, and Use of Technology
Do Schools in Rural and Nonrural Districts Allocate Resources Differently? An Analysis of Spending and Staffing Patterns in the West Region States

The National Research Center on Rural Education Support (NRCRES)
How the Government Defines Rural has Implications for Education Policies and Practices
Rural Education Resource Links (Center for Rural Education)
Urban Schools: The Challenge of Location and Poverty

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
General IDEA Guidance from OSEP
OSEP’s Legislation and Policy Guidance
OSEP Policy Correspondence

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) IDEA 2004 Website:
Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004
This site is a "one-stop shop" for resources related to IDEA and its implementing regulations, released on August 3, 2006.

Data Accountability Center (DAC)
Data Tables for OSEP State Reported Data
This information is provided for those interested in the numbers of students with disabilities and trends.  The information is collected by state according to the requirements of Section 618 of IDEA 2004.  No interpretation is provided.  The viewer should read the latest OSEP annual report to congress for the interpretation of the data (see above).
Population & Enrollment Data
State-level Data Files

National Institute for Urban School Improvement
On Transformed Inclusive Schools and Improving Education: The Promise of Inclusive Schooling
Urban Schools OnPoint Series:
Brief discussions of critical issues in urban education
Immigration Then and Now: Old Face, New Story

Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers (the ALLIANCE)
A New Wave of Evidence: Key findings

National Institute for Urban School Improvement (NIUSI)
Mental Health in Urban Schools
Children’s Exposure To Violence

National Center for Rural Early Childhood Learning Initiatives
Rural Disparities in Baseline Data of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study: A Chartbook (Rural Early Childhood Report No. 3)
Front Matter: List of Tables, List of Figures, Introduction, Discussion
Tables: Rural Disparities in the ELCS-K Baseline Data
Tables: Rural Disparities in the ECLS-B Baseline Data

IDEA Partnership Organizations IDEA Partnership Organizations

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Telepractice Brings Treatment to Rural North Dakota
Meeting The Challenge of Rural Service Delivery
Rural Populations
Urban Recruitment Strategies

Autism Society of America

Caregiving in Rural America

Council of Chief State School Officers - Home Page
Small, Rural, and Isolated Schools – web section

Council for Exceptional Children – Home Page
Response to Intervention: A Rural High School’s Attempt to Improve Reading Achievement

Easter Seals - Home Page
Easter Seals : Caregiving in Rural America

Education Commission of the States
ECS Education Policy Issue Site: Rural – web section
Recent State Policies/Activities: Rural

ECS Education Policy Issue Site: Urban
Quick Facts - urban
Improving Academic Achievement in Urban Districts: What State Policymakers Can Do
Improving Urban Student Achievement through Early Childhood Reform: What State Policymakers Can Do

National Association of School Psychologists
Urban Teacher In-service Training: Building Teacher Resiliency
PBS in Urban High Schools

National Education Association
Rural Schools

National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)
Campaign For A Renewed Rural Development
Four Day School Week

OTHER Resources

Council of the Great City Schools
Beating the Odds VIII, An Analysis of Student Performance and Achievement Gaps on State Assessments, Results from the 2006-2007 School Year
•    Download city-by-city data-
Leadership, Governance & Management – web section
Bilingual Education – web section
Demographics- trends in urban education - web section