Knowing your available time and your audience, choose one or many of the dialogue starters below.

Reaction Questions

1.    In your view, what is meant by UDL?  Please give some examples.

2.    Why is UDL important to your stakeholders?

3.    From your viewpoint, what are the benefits of UDL for all students?

4.    What do you believe could influence the district to use UDL to benefit all students in your school/district/state?

5.    How does UDL fit with IDEA, NCLB, and other state and national mandates and initiatives?

6.    From your viewpoint, how does UDL fit with the school improvement and school redesign?

7.    From your perspective, what is happening with UDL in your schools, community, and workplaces?  How does it translate to employment?

Application Questions

1.    How might we get schools/organizations/families/youth/policymakers to embrace Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? 

2.    What type of training or professional development might be necessary to assist educational personnel and families in understanding and implementing UDL in today‚Äôs dynamic, diverse classrooms? 

3.    In order for adults to support youth in a UDL framework, what do school personnel and parents need in terms of knowledge, tools, and resources?

4.    What processes/procedures might be helpful at the classroom/building/district and state levels to ensure proper implementation in a timely and efficient manner?  What data will be collected and how will collection occur?

5.    In what ways can we generalize UDL to other environments than schools (e.g. family, community)?

These questions were developed by the following
stakeholders working together within the IDEA Partnership:


Role:  State Service Agency
Location:  Arizona

Role:  Related Service Provider
Location:  Maryland

Role:  IDEA Partnership Staff
Location:  New Hampshire

Role:  State Education Agency 
Location:  New Hampshire

Role:  State TA Provider
Location:  Ohio

Role:  Family Member
Location:  Pennsylvania

Role:  Family
Location:  Washington, DC

Role: Higher Education
Washington, DC

Role:  State Service Agency
Location:  Wisconsin

The IDEA Partnership, located at the National Association of
State Directors of Special Education, is sponsored by the
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs.   2009