This Dialogue guide was based on the  Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology: Funding AT: Section 3, The Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD), Academy for Educational Development (AED),

Knowing your available time and your audience, choose one or many of the dialogue starters below.

Reaction Questions

1.    What funding strategy does your school/district currently use to fund assistive technology needs?  How does your school/district go about finding resources for assistive technology that they currently do not have? 

2.    What resources are you aware of in your community or state that can help fund assistive technology?  Please share how you know about them and how to find them.

3.    How might funding of assistive technology change as the economy changes over time?

4.    What has been your experience with obtaining funding necessary for assistive technology? Please give examples of ease and barriers you have encountered.

5.    What is your understanding of Medicaid, Medicare and Vocational Rehabilitation programs? Who in your school/district works with Medicaid, Medicare and Vocational Rehabilitation to provided appropriate funding of assistive technology? 

6.    Describe how your school/district and families/student collaborate in selecting needed assistive technology devices?

Application Questions

1.    What procedures can we put in place to ensure appropriate funding for assistive technology devices? 

  • Who will be responsible for seeking the appropriate funding?
  • What will be our funding strategy?

2.    What will we put in place to ensure schools, families, and the community collaborate to fund necessary assistive technology?

3.    What resources in our community and state will we use to help fund assistive technology?

4.    What procedures will we have in place in order to ensure a working relationship between the school and Medicaid, Medicare and/or Vocational Rehabilitation as a resource for assistive technology?

5.    What procedures will we put in place in order to ensure a working relationship between the families/student and school/district when funding assistive technology devices?

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