Topical Guides


Knowing your available time and your audience, choose one or many of the dialogue starters below.

Reaction Questions

1.    In your opinion, who are the administrators to be involved in the transition process? 

  • School setting?
  • Agency setting?

2.    What factors influence an administrator’s interpretation of a transition program? 

  • Why are these particular factors of importance to administrators?

3.    From your perspective, is it important for administrators to be actively involved in the development of transition programs? 

  • To what degree and why?
  • What is the primary role of an administrator in a school/service transition program?

4.    How do you envision collaboration among administrators in a transition program?

5.    In your opinion, are the current transition systems, services, and supports more person-centered or driven by the systems and services available?

Application Questions

1.    In what ways can an administrator support and ensure that all stakeholders have the skills and knowledge to participate and collaborate in the transition process?

2.    What processes/procedures need to be in place so that an administrator can support and ensure that continuous quality improvement and enhancement occurs?

3.    In what ways could/should input be solicited from all the stakeholders prior to development and implementation of policies on transition?

4.    What can we put into place to ensure transition systems, services, and supports are reflective of a person-centered delivery model?

5.    How could we look beyond what the system presently has available and develop supports that meet individual preferences and needs?

These questions were developed by the following
stakeholders working together within the IDEA Partnership:

Role:  Transition Coordinator
Location:  Colorado

Role:  General Education Administrator
Location:  Illinois

Role:  State Service Agency
Location:  North Dakota

Role:  Technical Assistance Provider
Location:  Oregon

The IDEA Partnership, located at the National Association of
State Directors of Special Education, is sponsored by the
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs.   2009