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Knowing your available time and your audience, choose one or many of the dialogue starters below.

Reaction Questions

1.    Currently, what disability awareness training/supports are provided to students and peers in your school building/district?

2.    Under what circumstances do you believe it is appropriate for a peer or friend to be invited to an IEP team meeting?  Please give some examples.

3.    In your opinion, what information would be important to be shared by a student’s peer in an IEP team meeting?  What knowledge and skills do peers and friends need to participate in a meeting?

Application Questions

1.    What processes and procedures can be put into place to increase awareness of disability/differing ability in our school/district?

2.    In order to support peers to understand the stages of relationship (peer, friend, confidant) and to participate appropriately in an IEP team meeting when invited, what training and experiences can we make available to both students with disabilities and their peers.

These questions were developed by the following
stakeholders working together within the IDEA Partnership:

Role:  Consultant
Location:  California

Location:  Virginia

Role:  Family Member
Location:  Delaware

Role:  Related Service Provider
Location:  North Carolina

Role:  Transition Coordinator
Location:  Virginia

Role:  Youth
Location:  New Hampshire

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State Directors of Special Education, is sponsored by the
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