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Knowing your available time and your audience, choose one or many of the dialogue starters below.

Reaction Questions

1.    Why is transition planning important to you?  In human terms?  Relative to programs and services?  In building relationships?

2.    The statute and regulations focus on transition as a way to ensure successful post school outcomes for students with disabilities.  In your experience, how successful has this focus been to date?  

  • Please share examples of successes?
  • What are some of the gaps that have hindered success?

3.    This document speaks to the various roles/members of a transition team.  In your opinion, what/who are the essential roles/members who need to be a part of the decision-making team?  Why are they important to the process?

4.    Transition planning is about and for the student/young adult.  From your experience, please share examples of how students have been involved in their own planning process.  

5.    From your perspective, what are the pros and cons of having this provision regarding transition and post school outcomes in the law versus not having it in place?

Application Questions

1.    In order to ensure more successful post school outcomes for students with disabilities, what processes/procedures can we put into place to overcome the gaps we identified earlier?  

2.    What processes/practices can we put into place to overcome the possible difficulties among transition team members with differing agendas?

3.    What processes/procedures can we put into place to ensure implementation of the intent, as well as the letter of, the transition to post school outcomes provision of the law/regulations?

These questions were developed by the following
stakeholders working together within the IDEA Partnership:

Role:  State Education Agency
Location:  California

Role:  Youth
Location:  Michigan

Role:  Special Education Administrator
Location:  New Hampshire

Role:  Youth
Location:  Pennsylvania

Role:  Technical Assistance Provider
Location: Tennessee

Role:  Transition Coordinator
Location:  Wisconsin

The IDEA Partnership, located at the National Association of
State Directors of Special Education, is sponsored by the
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs.   2009